We are committed to destroying the things that try to take us out
— David & Johnny

First and foremost, we are two guys and we never forget that. We have pledged in our relationship to "kill the thing that is trying to destroy us!" Having this value as the foundation of our partnership has invited one of the most important aspects of our success... communication. Our love story is unique. We met while Johnny was working on casting a new reality TV project. Although the project never happened our story was just beginning. Many people feel that just because there may be a same sex relationship one must compromise gender identity. That couldn't be the furthest thing from the truth!


Along the journey in every situation we've overcome we have discovered an over arching theme. Ultimately it is not the circumstances that life throws at us, it is how we respond that makes all the difference. It is our mission to be an example of a healthy black same gender loving couple that can be partners in love as well as business. David and Johnny launched “HiClass Blends,” a luxury loose-leaf tea line to further their philanthropic efforts of educating youth about HIV/AIDS. As a discordant couple we travel sharing our story of love, hope, and restoration.