Johnny T. Lester Jr. works to build brand value and distinction. He pushes the boundaries of marketing channels, creating engaging experiences online and offline. Over the past five years he has built key relationships with media outlets for his clientele. He executes with insight-driven creative excellence that transforms touch points into measurable results. 

Visionary. Innovative. Audacious.

Since 2010, Johnny has worked to become a source of bold ideas, visionary talent and fearless leadership. A branding/ image consultant with deep resources that thrives on a culture of collaboration and innovation. That transforms intelligence into brand strategy and creates well-executed brands across all media platforms, positioning them for long-term success. It's an intuitive understanding cultivated with insights from his experiences, behaviors, perceptions, and needs that give him and the brands he works with, a competitive edge. 

"I work to identify your competitive opportunity. That's where I innovate."


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