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David L. Massey is a motivational speaker who travels sharing his story of "Life Beyond the Diagnosis." He also works in public health in Atlanta, GA. David launched a national speaking platform through a strategic partnership with a non-profit organization in Washington, D.C. The Black Women's Health Imperative raising awareness and education on HIV/AIDS to more than 59k African-American women. Through this partnership the door was opened for him to be featured at events such as The Stellar Gospel Awards, The Congressional Black Caucus, and the International HIV/STD Conference series. Through this work he has been part of cutting edge development in the introduction of PrEP (Pre- Exposure Prophylactics) as well as a subject matter expert of workshops surrounding condom distribution and the Fundamentals of HIV/AIDS Prevention training and implementation. As an advocate connecting with various audiences he hopes to educate while addressing the stigma still attached to those persons living with HIV/AIDS. 


David is CDC

Check out my "I Am CDC" video.


David in the "Spotlight"


David in Music

Beyond his advocacy work music is David L. Massey's passion. His musical talent has taken him around the globe directing and singing with choirs and groups. Check out clips from the 2016 Oak River Forest High School Reunion Concert.