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First and foremost, we never forget that we are two guys. Our love is far too deep to be compromised by the gender identity stigmas facing same sex relationships. The foundational principle of communication in our partnership is one of the most important aspects of our success.

From the very beginning, we knew our love story was unique. We met while Johnny was working on casting a new reality TV project. Although the project eventually began to fizzle, our bond started to sizzle. Our late night talks turned into trending topics. Our approaches to confrontation started turning into live online discussions. We launched our website www.davidandjohnny.org in 2014 on World’s AIDS Day! Our relationship went from being a private matter to a public example of how to be a healthy same sex couple. We didn’t set out to be under the microscope, however; we’ll gladly be those advocates that promote loving healthy black same gender partners who share love, fun and business.



David L. Massey and Johnny T. Lester also know as “David & Johnny,” are content creators,  relationships influencers, and business men. They are contributors for POZ Magazine & Real Health Magazine based in New York City and hosts of Poz.com Table Talk and Realhealthmag.com Perspectives. The duo specializes in curating content for persons living with HIV and  their allies. David & Johnny own a boutique branding/imaging firm, HiClass Management, LLC which provides services to select high profile clientele, specialty events, and awareness marketing around HIV/AIDS. As a discordant couple, the two are focused on traveling to share their story of love, hope, and restoration. Recently, the duo launched a new venture Hiclass Blends, a luxury loose leaf tea company. As passionate HIV/AIDS advocates and allies for youth everywhere a portion of the proceeds from the tea sales assist direct providers that provide education and awareness on HIV/AIDS to youth.



David L. Massey is an internationally published motivational speaker, singer, and performer who travels sharing his story of “Life Beyond the Diagnosis.” He also works in public health in Atlanta, GA and has been granted a national platform to speak through strategic partnerships with non-profit organizations raising awareness around HIV/AIDS. Through this partnership David has been  featured at events such as: The Stellar Gospel Awards, The Congressional Black Caucus, the International HIV/STD Conference series, and the Vatican City Annual Christmas Celebration. Through David’s work in public health he has been part of cutting edge development in the introduction of PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylactics) as well as served as a subject matter expert in conferences, seminars, and workshops surrounding condom distribution and the Fundamentals of HIV/AIDS Prevention training and implementation. As an advocate connected with various audiences he hopes to educate while addressing the stigma still attached to those persons living with HIV/AIDS.




Johnny T. Lester is a branding and imaging expert who has the unique ability to get to the core of the client’s need and help them visualize their brand in a whole new light! He has carved a niche for himself in the celebrity and high profile clientele arena by working with managing the branding, marketing, and fashion needs of celebrities such as Ricky Smiley, Tyler Lepley, Kevin Hart, and Evette Holyfield. Beyond servicing high profile fashion needs he has worked with numerous events and productions such as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, The NFL Pre-Draft Fashion Show, Essence Music Festival, and For Sister’s Only to name a few. He is also the current brand manager for celebrity psychologist Dr. Sherry from WE TV’s Braxton Family Values, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Essence Magazine, and FOX News radio. Johnny has been deemed as the “Marketing Concierge” because in working with him you have access to a long list of established partners with whom he has personally worked with and has vested relationships. If this hasn’t kept him busy enough he is also a mental health and HIV/AIDS advocate who works with non-profit and community service organizations on programming and reducing stigmas in the faith based, LGBTQIA, and other underserved communities.

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