At our core we are "True Gentlemen," at heart. We truly value small town beginnings, but now we're city guys all the way! We enjoy simplicity but are a stickler for the details. As we have traveled various major markets around the U.S. we have found the best hot spots that provide the ultimate experience. 

With Johnny's numerous years in branding/marketing, he has often befriended many clients. Coordinating both business and personal affairs, we have found that we have the touch in providing the "Elite Experience," for their most initiate events. So we created Maintenance Time Planners and continue to find new ways to expand our event planning services to make amazing experiences for those that need to focus on being in the moment and allowing us and our team to worry about the details. 


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Birthday Parties - Dinner Parties - Corporate Events - ATL Sightseeing Trips - Weddings

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Let us take the lead, and you enjoy your friends and family!