5 Practical Relationship Tips


Listen More than you Talk: 

Often times we are so busy trying to get our point across to our mate we fail to hear what they are saying. This is not a race to the finish line of who is "correct," but the end goal should be to seek an understanding. Then you can move forward together. 

Give more Time and Attention: 

Too often in our relationships we are all things to all people and forget about our mate in our relationship. There is an old saying, "What you don't do someone else will!" This doesn't have to be your story because you can change the narrative! WTry an evening without the Ipad or iPhone and focus on connection.  

Let's talk about Sex Baby: 

Too often in relationships we forget about sex. Now this may seem like an oxymoron. Everyone has sex....... Right? But is everyone satisfied? That's the better question. More times than not sex can become a "one way" street where one gets enjoyment and the other is marking off a check on the "to do list". Communication around sex is vital. This is often a silent killer in a relationship because people are afraid to be honest.  


What do you need from me? 

Too often we get into relationships and everyone assumes a lot of things. But when is the last time you stopped and honestly asked your mate, "What do you need from me?" Times change and so do people. You can never assume that everything remains the same.  

Try Maintenance Time: 

Communication is one of the major issues in relationships. People talk to everyone but the appropriate one..... "their mate".  Maintenance Time is a concept we have developed that puts aside time to discuss how the relationship can be better. It's a "safe zone," and the goal is to have those otherwise hard to have conversations about what needs improvement in the relationship. Try Maintenance Time, your future relationship will thank you. 


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