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Your job is to be fabulous! Leave the details to me!
— Johnny T. Lester - Owner




They say the attention is in the details, I guarantee you’ll love the way you look! I will go to stores and boutiques and find apparel that will fit your body and style. I will put together a complete look including accessories and make sure you can put together looks with what is purchased. If you do not have time to go shopping no problem, I can handle that for you and return what you do not want to keep.

Virtual Assistance: If you do not live in Atlanta, GA or do not like stores this is for you! It starts with a call or face time chat. I will then create looks virtually and send them to you and you only purchase what you like through provided links. I do a follow up call to discuss other details and you are all set!


Consultation - $75:

(Great gift idea)

First we need to know who you are. We ask a lot of questions about your life, personality and interests. You’ll complete our questionnaire and send along some photos. Then we need to know what you’re looking for. Want to present a better work image? Attract a partner? Date half the city? Get out of your current fashion rut? A 20-30 minute phone chat will allow us to assess your primary goals and tailor a package to fit.

Personal Styling -

$75 Per Hour or $300 for the day (up to 6 hours)

Personal Shopping with/for Client -

$75 Per Hour or $300 for the day (up to 6 hours)

Special Event Dressing -

$75 Per Hour or $300 for the day (up to 6 hours)

Makeup Session Available upon request - $200.00

Wedding Packages -

All wedding quotes are customized to your event. You can always request a quote!

Initial deposit of $50 for most services unless otherwise specified.

*Acceptable payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, and Cash App (upon request)