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 Personal Styling

for men and women




You think our clients look good? Wait till you see how put-together our process is. Smart. Efficient. Practical. Fun. Here’s a short description of styling packages and process below: 



First we need to know who you are. We ask a lot of questions about your life, personality and interests. You’ll complete our questionnaire and send along some photos. Then we need to know what you’re looking for. Want to present a better work image? Attract a partner? Date half the city? Get out of your current fashion rut? A 20-30 minute phone chat will allow us to assess your primary goals and tailor a package to fit.

Closet Glance - We want to meet you and your closet in person. During this 90-minute session, we’ll identify the good and "not so good" pieces as we begin to re-build your wardrobe. We promise not to bring garbage cans or verbally abuse you over your decision to buy that orange tube top or ten pairs of identical khaki trousers.

Quick Solution - During the Closet Glance we might come across great finds that can be whipped into outfits you never knew you had. One of our favorite things to do! We’ll make on the spot recommendations about ideal colors, styles for your body type, shoes, accessories and recommend other additions that can complete a brand new bonus ensemble.

Recommendations and Package Selection - From here, we can decide together which package suits you best, or develop a custom program. If you want to select a package, we’ll apply your Closet Glance & Quick Solution fee toward the next phase (does not apply to Minimum Exposure package). If you’re not ready to go to the next phase, you'll be equipped with some smart guidelines and style options to fit your needs.


Tailored specifically for the budget conscious woman/man who desires a total fashion makeover at a minimum cost. This package is perfect for someone who wants clear direction so they can do it on their own. Someone who doesn’t mind shopping, but simply needs a clear plan to execute. We'll do a 3.5-hour mini session in your home where we'll tell you what to keep, what to toss and what to add for a more polished and "put together" look

  • Body silhouette and quick color analysis for ideal styles and colors

  • Closet audit and creation of outfits from existing wardrobe (3 hours in your closet)

  • Shopping list with clear documentation of recommended items to purchase


This package gets you started on a new wardrobe and headed in a new fashion direction toward "The Real You". We'll lay the foundation by shopping for and with you to get the style essentials you need and teach you the colors and styles that most flatter your body, so you have a clear plan as you continue to add to your wardrobe.

  • Initial consultation, Closet Glance & Quick Solution

  • Closet audit and mini purge

  • Shopping plan, including pre-shopping to pull lots of options in preparation for shopping with client

  • Clothing, shoes and accessory combinations for several new outfits

Virtual Closet option - We'll come back to your closet and create numerous outfits using what you already have and your new purchases. We'll photograph the outfits and provide you with digital photos for your reference - $325.


For those with a pretty good fashion foundation, but you want to take it up a notch and infuse some real style into your wardrobe. Maybe you find yourself in a bit of a rut, or simply don't have the time or inclination to shop, but you still want to stand out in your own way. Let us do it all for you.

This package includes two seasons of consultation – Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. We'll select items to enhance your existing wardrobe and expose the real you.

  • Initial consultation, Closet Glance & Quick Solution

  • In-depth closet audit, purge & removal of unwanted items

  • Shopping plan and 8 hours of shopping for an infusion of new items to complement your existing wardrobe

  • Clothing, shoes and accessory combinations for various outfits

  • Outfit creation and digital photographs for your reference

**For one season (Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter). Does not include cost of clothes, closet organizing tools, hair, makeup or skin care fees. $75 travel fee added for distances greater than 20 miles from midtown Atlanta. Travel fee may be greater depending on exact location.